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Taxes and Trend Equity

While tactical equity strategies are generally assumed to be tax inefficient, we document the historical capital gains profile of such an approach.

The Monsters of Investing: Fast and Slow Failure

Investors must navigate between the risks of failing fast and slow. Knowing which is most likely to prey on you can inform portfolio design.

Three Applications of Trend Equity

The pros and cons associated with three potential implementation ideas for trend equity: defensive equity, a tactical pivot, and a liquid alternative.

Tightening the Uncertain Payout of Trend-Following

Long/flat trend-following strategies look like call options with uncertainty. Combining multiple trend models can reduce this uncertainty in the payout.

Video Digest: When Simplicity Met Fragility

A video digest of our most recent weekly research commentary on the balancing act between robustness and fragility created by simplicity.
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