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Month: February 2018

The Diversification Dangers of DIY Tactical

While DIY Tactical ETF strategies became popular after 2008, we often see implementations that fail to adequately diversify. We outline three ways in which we see this manifest: a failure to diversify what, how, and when.


From inception through 12/31/2017, XIV earned over 40% annualized per year since inception. It then lost over 90% of its value in two days. Was XIV an example of Taleb's Turkey or is there a deeper lesson to be learned?

Should You Dollar-Cost Average?

Dollar-cost averaging (DCA) is often touted as superior to lump sum investing, but there are many scenarios where DCA may be inferior. The market environment and investor behavior both play large roles in the decision of which route to take.

Three ETF-Based Ways to Leverage Your 60/40 Without Margin

We explore three ETF-Based ways to leverage your 60/40 without margin. We explore high beta ETFs, levered ETFs, and derivative-based ETNs as potential tools and look at the benefits and risks of each approach.
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