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Liquidity Cascades: The Coordinated Risk of Uncoordinated Market Participants

Straddles and Trend Following

A strategy with straddles can be similar to a trend followings strategy and it can highlight the trade off between insurance premiums and deductibles.

Tranching, Trend, and Mean Reversion

While tranching can simply be a way to de-emphasize the impact of a specific rebalancing date choice, it may also introduce momentum effects in a portfolio.

“Well, you… No, you gotta do more than that.”

In this note, we explore tranched versus non-tranched trend implementaitons and find that tranchig has been superior for many assets over the last 30 years.

One Hedge to Rule Them All

There is no perfect hedge for equity market drops. Rather finding a hedge that pays when you need it and costs little when you don't is the goal.

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