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How to Benchmark Trend-Following

Benchmarking a trend-following strategy is difficult. The tendency is to compare it to an equity strategy, but this often leads to disappointment. We explore a better benchmark that allows investors to accurately measure performance and set expectations.

Benchmarking, Behavioral Biases, and the March Madness Tournament Challenge Recap

Our 2018 March Madness challenge is all wrapped up! In this post, we highlight many of the same pitfalls with benchmarking and behavioral biases that we see in investing.

Newfound 2018 March Madness: Final Four Update

Here is the Final Four update for our 2018 March Madness Bracket Challenge. Our rules are not your typical bracket rules; we isolate the skill from the luck! Find out what the next two rounds could have in store for your bracket.

Newfound 2018 March Madness: Sweet 16 Update

Our 2018 March Madness bracket challenge is well underway. Let's take a look at the current standings and some trends we are seeing in the field.

Newfound's 2018 March Madness Bracket Challenge

Are you tired of March Madness bracket rules that don't adequately reward your true skill? Sign up for Newfound's March Madness 2018 Bracket Challenge to showcase your true selection ability.

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