Flirting with Models

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Month: May 2017

Big Little Details

In investing we typically focus on the big details, but the little details can have an outsized impact on results when they have the chance to compound.

Can We Improve Sector Rotation?

Momentum-based sector rotation is a popular investment strategies. Can we introduce advancements in momentum investing to improve it?

Navigating Municipal Bonds With Factors

While quantitative styles such as value, momentum, low volatility, and carry have been applied to equities, we explore their use within municipal bonds.

Expectations with Tactical Equity

Tactical equity strategies are favored in rising rate environments and when the equity markets have large absolute moves.

Factor Investing in Multi-Asset Portfolios

Factor investing is not limited it equities; it is a multi-asset concept. We present a case study of how we seek factors in our own multi-asset portfolios.
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