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Factor Investing & The Bets You Didn't Mean to Make

Factor-based investment strategies seek to manage risk with diversification; completely unconstrained, however, they can be overwhelmed by unintended bets.

Levered ETFs for the Long Run?

Levered ETFs are often dismissed as not suitable for buy-and-hold investors, but they may be able to play a role in creating risk-efficient portfolios.

A Null Hypothesis for the New Year

As investors prepare their portfolios for 2018, we should consider accepting that our evidence may be nothing but a fortunate permutation of randomness.

Value 2.0

Traditional value strategies may be fundamentally flawed in their construction. Value 2.0 indices fix some of these problems, but not all.

No Silver Bullets: 8 Ideas for Financial Planning in a Low-Return Environment

We offer 8 ideas investors can implement to help address the short-coming of traditional financial planning rules in a low-return environment.

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