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Newfound 2018 March Madness: Final Four Update

Here is the Final Four update for our 2018 March Madness Bracket Challenge. Our rules are not your typical bracket rules; we isolate the skill from the luck! Find out what the next two rounds could have in store for your bracket.

Protect & Participate: Managing Drawdowns with Trend Following

For investors looking to diversify how they manage risk, we believe the trend following represents a high transparent, and historically effective, alternative.

Two Centuries of Momentum

As a systematized strategy, momentum sits upon nearly a quarter century of positive academic evidenceΒ and a century of successful empirical results.

Newfound 2018 March Madness: Sweet 16 Update

Our 2018 March Madness bracket challenge is well underway. Let's take a look at the current standings and some trends we are seeing in the field.

You Are Not a Monte-Carlo Simulation

Our lives are not a monte-carlo simulation. Because we all live in a multi-period world where we have a single investment portfolio that compounds over time, managing risk can help us maximize our long-term growth rate even if it seems foolish in hindsight.

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