Flirting with Models

Research Library of Newfound Research | While other asset managers focus on alpha, our first focus is on managing risk.

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What do portfolios and teacups have in common?

Volatility is one way to manage risk. How sensitive a portfolio is to small changes in inputs – a measure of its fragility – is another important measure.

Directionally Right and Precisely Wrong

Portfolio construction decisions tell us about more than just our objective: they tell us about our beliefs. But what if we're not 100% certain?

The Yield is Gravity

Yield remains the dominant force of returns over time for many fixed-income portfolios; price volatility and default risk are necessary to earn a premium.

Video Digest: When Simplicity Met Fragility

A video digest of our most recent weekly research commentary on the balancing act between robustness and fragility created by simplicity.

When Simplicity Met Fragility

Simplicity can be surprisingly robust, but too much simplicity can be surprisingly fragile. We explore the limits of simplicity in trend equity strategies.

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