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Taxes and Trend Equity

Trend equity is often assumed to be tax inefficient, but it may be tax beneficial by realizing capital gains that reduce the risk of rising tax rates.

High Capital Gains, Low Expected Returns: A Frustrating Combination

Framework for considering the trade-offs between paying capital gains taxes and rebalancing to an optimal portfolio given current market outlook.

MLPs and ETP Structure

When it comes to MLPs, making an investment call is only half the battle.  The product structure used to implement the trade is equally important.  

New White Paper: Being Tactical About Trading and Taxes

Tactical strategies are often scrutinized for being tax inefficient. This paper examines ways to account for taxes when making tactical investment decisions

Does High Turnover Necessarily Imply Tax Inefficiency?

Portfolio turnover is only one aspect of estimating tax costs. High turnover may not imply high taxes if only a portion of the portfolio is turning over

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