Data Source: CSI Analytics.  Calculations by Newfound Research.  Past performance is not indicative of future returns.  All performance is hypothetical and backtested.  Performance assumes the reinvestment of all distributions.  Returns are gross of all fees, including management fees, transaction costs, and taxes.  A $40,000 withdrawal is applied on the last trading day of each year.


Failing Slow, Failing Fast, and Failing Really Fast: Why taking on too little risk can be just as dangerous as taking on too much risk for investors.

You Are Not a Monte-Carlo Simulation: Why your experience may not be “average” and why “average” may not apply at all.

The Asymmetry Zone: Understanding how losing less – even if it means making less – can lead to asymmetric benefits in the context of compounding returns.

Addressing Low Return Forecasts in Retirement with Tactical Asset Allocation: Why employing tactical strategies to systematically allocate to equities can more effectively reduce the risk that the sequence of market returns is unfavorable to a portfolio.  (Listen to portfolio manager Justin Sibears discuss this piece)