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New Whitepaper: Why Tactical Fixed Income is Different

In our new paper, we examine how/why tactical fixed income strategies are different. Careful portfolio construction is required to avoid missing the mark.

Smart Beta in Fixed Income

Market-cap weighting is more nuanced in fixed income than in equities, making smart beta fixed income very desirable in a well-designed portfolio.

Why tactical fixed-income is different

Tactical fixed-income is more important now than it has been in the past 30 years, but fixed-income warrants a different tactical approach than equities.

Be Careful How You Play Rising Rates

The prospect of rising rates is constantly in the news, but simply shortening duration may not protect a portfolio. Doing so could result in a worse outcome

The Search for Crisis Alpha: Weathering the Storm Using Relative Momentum

2nd place paper in the 2015 NAAIM Wagner Award competition exploring the use of relative momentum on U.S. Treasury investments to increase crisis alpha
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