Mean Reversion and Bond ETF Returns: The fixed coupon and maturity of bonds act live gravity, causing mean reversion in returns. Short-term underperformance might suggest a positive forecast.  (Video Digest)

Duration Timing

Duration Timing with Style Premia: Value, momentum, carry, and an explicit measure of the bond risk premium all produce strong absolute and risk-adjusted returns for timing duration.

Timing Bonds with Value, Momentum and Carry: Using value, momentum, and carry techniques in order to vary bond exposure.

A Carry-Trend-Hedge Approach to Duration Timing: Using the slope of the yield curve, prior returns, and prior equity returns to inform duration exposure.

Cross-Sectional Factors

Navigating Municipal Bonds With Factors: A portfolio formed with the low volatility, value, and carry factors has sufficiently low turnover that these factors may have value in setting strategic allocations across municipal bond sectors.



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