📈 Trend Equity

Articles in this category are all about the theoretical and empirical evidence supporting trend equity strategies.

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🧬 Risk & Style Premia

Research commentaries relating to long-term risk premia such as equities, rates, and inflation, as well as active styles including value, momentum, defensive, carry, and trend.

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🎢 Sequence Risk

For those relying upon their portfolio for withdrawals, the order of returns does matter.  These articles explore why assuming the average can be dangerous.

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⚡️Risk Management

“Risk is never destroyed, only transformed.”  In this category, we explore the many manifestations of risk within a portfolio.

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🧪 Portfolio Construction

This category explores all areas of portfolio construction, from manager selection to asset allocation to optimization.

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🔧 Portfolio Craftsmanship

The small details matter.  These articles cover the often overlooked, but important aspects, of portfolio construction.

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