What do we do?

Our first focus is risk.

Newfound Research is a quantitative asset management firm with a focus on risk-managed, tactical asset allocation strategies.  We were founded in August 2008 and are based out of Boston, MA.

We work exclusively with institutions and financial advisors.

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Who are we?

  • Newfound Research is an SEC-registered investment advisor.
  • Privately held and owned by principals.
  • Named ETF.com’s 2016 ETF Strategist of the Year and 2017 Finalist.
  • Learn more about our history and team here.

Why do we do it?

We know investors care deeply about protecting the capital they have worked hard to accumulate.  And as investors approach and enter retirement, managing “sequence risk” becomes even more important.

So while most firms focus on alpha (i.e. generating excess returns), our first focus is on risk: we seek to improve risk-adjusted returns by prioritizing downside risk (“drawdown”) management.

We aim to introduce new ways of managing risk by expanding investor exposure across the diversification axes of what (asset classes), how (process), and when (frequency) within their portfolios.

How do we do it?

We believe in systematic, disciplined, and repeatable decision-making powered by the evidence-based insights of consistent, thoughtful research.

Specifically, we focus on the high conviction application of the major quantitative investment “styles” – i.e. value, momentum, carry, defensive, and trend – within tactical asset allocation.

Why Risk Management Matters

Why we focus on risk first when many others focus on alpha.

Systematic Investing: Style Premia + Factors

Research on the systematic investment approaches we utilize to drive our tactical views.

Setting Expectations

We like to say, “no pain, no premium.”  These articles are written to help investors gain insight into how tactical strategies perform in different environments and why underperformance, at times, is a necessary component of success.


In portfolio construction, little details can have a big impact.  That’s why we spend a lot of time thinking about them.

Capital Efficiency

Why leverage can potential help investors achieve more risk-efficient use of their capital.

Firm Philosophies

General views & philosophies of our firm.