Failing Slow, Failing Fast, and Failing Very Fast: In the aftermath of the global financial crisis, risk management was often used synonymously with risk reduction. In actuality, a sound risk management plan is not just about reducing risk, but rather about calibrating risk appropriately as a means of minimizing the risk of both slow and fast failure.

Addressing Low Return Forecasts in Retirement with Tactical Allocation: When a tactical strategy is combined with other incremental planning and portfolio improvements, such as prudent diversification, more accurate spending assessments, tax efficient asset location, and fee-conscious investing, a modest allocation can greatly boost likely retirement success and comfort.

A Gentle Guide to Global Tactical Asset Allocation: An introduction to the systematic investment styles of value, momentum, defensive, carry, and trend when applied to tactical asset allocation.

Two Centuries of Momentum: A momentum-based investing approach can be confusing to investors who are often told that “chasing performance” is a massive mistake and “timing the market” is impossible. Yet as a systematized strategy, momentum sits upon nearly a quarter century of positive academic evidence and a century of successful empirical results.

Protect & Participate: Managing Drawdowns with Trend Following: A particularly interesting feature about trend following is its potential ability to avoid significant losses. Evidence suggests that trend following approaches can be used as alternative risk management techniques.  Relative to other risk management techniques, even very simple trend following strategies have exhibited very attractive return profiles.