Flirting with Models

The Research Library of Newfound Research

Month: August 2016

Uncertain Alpha

Basing decisions solely on alphas can lead to disaster. Knowing the uncertainty and the model associated with alpha can help avoid costly errors.

Are Stocks Actually Undervalued?

With investors reaching broad consensus that the market is overvalued, we explore the arguments for why the market may actually be undervalued.

Low Volatility is Not Low Risk

Volatility and risk are often treated as the same thing, but low volatility ETFs have many risks that investors may not be aware of.

Finding 7.5% Returns

In a world of low interest rates, finding even moderate returns will likely require taking on much more risk.

Can Dividend (Swaps) Replace Bonds?

Can dividend swaps be used to replace bonds in a low interest rate world? Is the historical dividend risk premium sustainable going forward?
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