Justin and I will be speaking on panels in New York City in May.


May 3rd – 3:10pm – Princeton Club in New York

I will be sitting on a panel titled Advancements in Asset Allocation at WealthManagement.com’s BUILD conference.  Here is a quick description of the panel:

The level of sophistication deployed in the investment solutions made available to investors continues to evolve. Many of the practices only available to institutional clients are becoming commonplace in the asset allocations developed for individuals. Panelist will discuss the current state of tools and techniques used to craft asset allocation models for a diverse investor base including risk measurement and management. In addition, the experts will offer a look into the future as it relates to the use of an ever growing menu of available investment strategies (long-only, sectors, alternatives, strategic beta).

You can register to attend the conference here.


May 18th – 1pm – Bloomberg HQ

Justin will sit on a panel for Bloomberg’s 2016 Equity Forum.  His panel is titled Global ETF Investing: Finding Opportunities.  Other panelists include Paris Smith (Head of Liquidity Desk, Wolverine Trading), Josh Brown (CEO, Ritholtz Capital Management), and Jeremy Schwartz (Director of Research, WisdomTree Asset Management).


If you’d like to get together while we’re in town, shoot us a note!