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Is trend following market timing?

Are trend following investors really just market timers? Or is there a difference between using momentum to track trends and predicting tops and bottoms?

China and the importance of dynamic trend following

Trend following has been proven to be a robust means of investing โ€“ย but in the case of parabolic price moves, simple models can lag too far behind.

Achieving risk ignition

Taking too much risk leads to ruin; to little only locks in a worse outcome. Risk ignition is about striking the right exposure to risk.

How bad was August 2015?

The S&P 500 fell over 6% in August 2015. Just how bad was this drop from a historical standpoint?

Will You Be Able to Retire Without Tactical Asset Allocation?

A blog post exploring how realistic the assumptions for planning to retire are and addressing their shortfalls with tactical asset allocation.

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