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Month: April 2013 (Page 2 of 3)

High Debt-to-GDP implies Low Growth? Not so fast…

As we illustrate with this debt-to-gdp example, not all research can be trusted. Independently verifying results is crucial before relying on them.

Weekly Wrap, April 12th 2013

This weekly wrap highlights some major market events from the past week including Bitcoin, Greek deflation and Bank of Japan bond buying.

Bond Valuations and the Price of Portfolio Insurance

Bonds are often used as portfolio insurance. In this post, we compare the cost of bonds and a similar insurance strategy in put options.

Deceived by Correlations: A Quant Conundrum

What does correlation mean? It is not as intuitive as one might think. We discuss some of the ways correlation can trip us up.

The Luck of the Market Cycle: Exploring the Impact of Income Growth, Savings, and Allocation Changes on Retirement Portfolios

Retirement planning often dwells on long term average returns, but actual investor experience can depend greatly on luck and the distribution of returns.
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